Sentences and phrases with the word back and forth

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word back and forth? Here are some examples.

Operator Please get dressed up to the nine's in their latest clip Back and Forth , from the album Gloves.

At least 5 million people have crossed back and forth across it in a quarter of a century of civil war.

The unique RipStick design allows it to twist along the lengthwise axis and the rider can carve back and forth and make heal and toe side turns.

The obvious scenario of tacking back and forth to get to a destination directly upwind is one of the first thing all people need to understand when learning.

Sending documents back and forth is both costly and time consuming.

The more you tag back and forth the more you get cut.

These sports require a lot of lateral movement, sprinting, stop and go, lunging, and a lot of back and forth movement.

All the political back and forth, and the back room deals, too often result in sub-optimal policy solutions, and imperfect lawmaking.

As the economy roils back and forth and the stock market behaves like an unruly yo-yo.

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