Sentences and phrases with the word augment

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word augment? Here are some examples.

A couple of weekly specials augment the choice.

Yugoslavia and Lebanon to augment the unskilled workforce.

Consummated yesterday by a second premiership to augment 2007's and make part reparation for the one they lost in 2008.

Unhealthy diet can augment these risks.

Looking to boost your online sales or augment your website traffic? Hiring an experienced SEO consultant company is the.

Nowadays, there are plenty of people finding it difficult to find sources of extra income to augment their daily needs, or even to keep themselves afloat.

Imagine if you could augment the reality of your prospective customers to see a map to your business.

A backyard fish pond will augment the beauty of your garden, there is no question about that.

Many small businesses are taking business loan to augment their finances and make the business going.

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