Sentences with the phrase 'attention to detail'

Looking for sentences with the phrase 'attention to detail'? Here are some examples.

Notable is the attention to detail, particularly the Kienholzes' attempts to convey the sordid.

With its historic charm, presentation, service, food, wine, floral displays, attention to detail and much else.

Its welcoming attitude and fine attention to detail reflect the same exacting attitude that this shop once applied to shoes.

Again, it is the attention to detail, the grooming, the cut of the clothes, the fit, the finish and the air created by the chaps who are wearing them.

The level of attention to detail it requires, the constant development of new dishes.

I put that down to the attention to detail.

Next there's John Boase — or Boasey to those close — who's perfectionism and attention to detail set him apart.

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