Sentences and phrases with the word among

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word among? Here are some examples.

Gough Whitlam's famous speech on the steps of parliament house following his dismissal ranks among the most important Australian addresses.

Only one hair colour is taboo among Japan's most fashionable, writes Simon Rowe.

Not a global warming sceptic among them.

The triggers of asthma will differ among individuals.

It's a popular marketing practice nowadays among internet marketers.

But now, with more and more passage of time, Perfumes have also attained great popularity among men.

If you were the creator of all that is, all that you loved, how would you divide yourself equally among all.

Now the new challenge i have set for myself is to create awarenes about diabetes among as many people as possibe.

In order to deal with anxiety, one of the best options among the natural remedies for anxiety is the use of kava-kava.

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