Sentences and phrases with the word alias

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word alias? Here are some examples.

They take things seriously with Alias.

The question was a test, although Lee did not realise it at the time, about her approach to Atwood's book Alias Grace.

Dylan wrote the soundtrack and played the part of Alias.

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Do you want to meet Jaws alias the Great White Shark in USA? Then you should be heading to San Francisco.

One of the most important parts about it is its anonymity, meaning that you can simply use an alias if you don't want your name to be placed out there.

As the alias of well-known SEO.

Some examples: alibi (elsewhere), agenda (things to be done), alias (otherwise), per se (by or in itself), per capita (per head), per diem (per day).

Written by an Internet entrepreneur whose alias is Pot Pie Girl.

A domain name is an alias for an IP address.

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