Sentences and phrases with the word ailing

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ailing? Here are some examples.

Paul Little went to work for the ailing transport operator Toll as a consultant and six months later bought the business.

Most individuals have the opinion that it is impossible to legally improve your ailing credit score very quickly.

The name is apt to give aid to the financially- ailing homeowners in mortgage.

These centers are precisely built with the purpose of extending much needed help to all the ailing individuals who fall prey to substance abuse and have.

Trained hands of a Canine Myotherapist can increase the quality of life for a sick, or ailing dog.

The thought of having to quit our jobs and give up our worldly possessions to care for an ailing family member defies conventional means.

This article should help you out, by showing you the precise steps for upgrading that ailing laptop graphics card of yours.

It's much more difficult to figure out what is ailing your children than it is to diagnose yourself or another adult.

What if there really was a quick fix for what's ailing your state of mind? Depression is epidemic in our society right now.

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