Sentences and phrases with the word ageless

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ageless? Here are some examples.

Vincent Damon Furnier may be getting on but his alter ego is ageless, writes Bruce Elder.

Both systems are more than 2500 years old but remain ageless in their relevancy to modern times where the fundamentals and applications share the same goal.

Wrought iron curtain rods and their accompanying accessories give an eternal and ageless charm to a home.

This is a short story about a king who extracted ageless wisdom from all the knowledge under his command.

Pirates are one category, which is really been genderless and ageless.

Some say it's hogwash, some call it dangerous, others proclaim it's ageless wisdom that will transform your life.

This is certainly true of the nature-nurture debate, the modern name for the ageless argument about the importance of learni.

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