Sentences and phrases with the word again and again

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word again and again? Here are some examples.

You feel like you have been abused again and again, but this time by the church.

The women are obsessed about this and the subject comes up again and again in conversations with those who attend the clinic regularly.

Are you ready to join the small handful of men who have discovered the secrets to making a woman orgasm again and again.

It should attract new guests and it should do all it can to retain existing guests and get them to return to you again and again.

The message is getting louder and repeated again and again : Video is the answer to online marketing.

You need to know how to clean garage floors correctly one time, so that you don' t have to repeat this, again and again ! How-To.

For serious blackjack professionals, to beat the house again and again at the game, gives them real inspiration to better themselves.

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