Sentences and phrases with the word admiring

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word admiring? Here are some examples.

Sims Group CEO Jeremy Sutcliffe will be admiring the view from New York as he beds down his company's major acquisition.

Stand in front of this large canvas in The Prado and it is hard not to giggle at the adults while admiring their beautiful children.

Fortunately for her admiring readers.

Webster is attending to her final engagements, starting with last night's farewell drinks attended by admiring fashionistas.

Besides admiring their virility, there are reasons to see older fathers as a good thing.

He grew up admiring evocative songwriters such as Chuck Berry and Lou Reed and has always been drawn to music with a strong taste of where.

Jean shrieks absently, pouring champagne and twirling around to the music of Peggy Lee as if admiring herself in an imaginary mirror.

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