Sentences and phrases with the word aching

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word aching? Here are some examples.

Expositional dialogue, more aching loins and incredibly long, detailed passages on ice- age fauna and flora.

The best option to soothe the aching muscles is the onsen.

I felt a familiar, aching gap in my chest and stomach.

Recently an overweight, middle-aged man came into my office suffering with aching knees.

Infrared heat is deep healing and creates a therapeutic source for aching computer mouse hand problems.

Oh My Aching Feet! Foot Pain Relief Tips For Pregnant Women.

If you're aching to be proposed to or if you are finally sure that you're with the guy that you can spend the rest of your life with.

Is Lose The Back Pain a viable solution to your aching back? Do the techniques really work or is this just more snake oil that is just going to leave your.

They have been used all over the country and have been a very popular support system for aching joints.

That is why you often complain of an aching head when you have a cold, a flu or sinusitis.

After an indescribable and wonderful fun night out, you wake up the next morning finding yourself aching all over.

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