Sentences and phrases with the word accelerate

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word accelerate? Here are some examples.

The runaway success of science fiction blockbuster Avatar will accelerate the 3D movie revolution.

The access to capital as a listed company will enable us to continue and accelerate that process.

Strategic investment to accelerate development of a best practice and.

Alone among the world's advanced economies, Australia recorded positive growth last year that is set to accelerate over the next year.

Eli Greenblat Market share losses accelerate.

People who need to save a deposit could use a first home saver account to accelerate their saving.

The magnet required to accelerate particles to their enormous energy of 10000 million volts consists of a number of aluminium coils.

Deal making is expected to accelerate in 2010, with activity seen dominated by financials, resources and consumer-driven sectors.

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