Sentences and phrases with the word abundance

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word abundance? Here are some examples.

On 7 May 1846 Mitchell reached Mount Abundance (he named it because he was impressed by the richness of the region).

The abundance of luxury on Emirates' A380 creates its own concerns.

How is it possible that a super- abundance of natural resources ? oil.

We must accept that capitalism has moved to a phase of abundance broadly spread.

Scallops are in abundance right now but require tough work to gather.

Great flocks of birds cry overhead in the sunshine; fish in abundance dart in the freshwater above a waterfall, and in the saltwater below.

Mussett had a relaxed beach theme while Amelia Magnus and William Tarbuck opted for a classic wedding with an abundance of flowers.

Australia prides itself on being the Lucky Country, and it's true, we are surrounded by an abundance of produce.

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