Sentences and phrases with the word abide

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word abide? Here are some examples.

To start, it would be best to discuss the rules that surfers abide by.

Unless we have a consensus of support about how we will form our legislatures and an agreement to abide by the laws.

If people cannot abide by our laws to reach Australia, will they abide by them if they are accepted? Nola Martin.

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard has issued a warning to construction union heavyweights Joe McDonald and Kevin Reynolds to abide by the industrial laws.

When kids come to my house they need to abide by my rules.

Indeed, He wants us to abide in Him.

You have to abide by the rules of your profession and rightly so, you may have to change the city as per the demand of the situation.

As of 2006, employers in California must abide by Sexual Harassment law AB1825.

There are laws to abide by. Automobile Engine Oils.

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