14-letter words ending with s

Looking for 14-letter words ending with s? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
Words Found
abortifacients abstemiousness
abstractedness accelerometers
accommodations accompaniments
accreditations administrators
advertisements aggressiveness
amateurishness amplifications
animadversions anthropophagus
anticoagulants antihistamines
antilogarithms antipsychotics
antiquatedness antispasmodics
appendectomies apportionments
appropriations approximations
archaeologists archbishoprics
archimandrites architectonics
argumentations articulateness
assassinations assistantships
astrocompasses attractiveness
auspiciousness authorisations
authorizations autoantibodies
autoresponders availabilities
avariciousness baccalaureates
bacteriophages baldheadedness
basidiomycetes benefactresses
bibliographies bioinformatics
biosystematics boisterousness
bottomlessness bougainvilleas
breathlessness bronchiectasis
brontosauruses bullheadedness
cadaverousness campylobacters
capriciousness carcinogenesis
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