9-letter words containing v

Looking for 9-letter words containing v? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
Words Found
aardvarks ablatives
abrasives absolving
abusively acclivity
accretive achievers
achieving activated
activates activator
activists acyclovir
addictive additives
adhesives adjective
adjuvants advancers
advancing advantage
advection advective
adventure adverbial
adversary adversely
adversity advertise
advisable advisably
advisedly advocated
advocates advocator
aestivate affective
affidavit aggravate
aggrieved aliveness
alleviate alveolate
anchovies anovulant
antinovel antivenin
antivenom antiviral
antivirus approvals
approving arbovirus
archiving archivist
archivolt archrival
arriviste aspersive
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