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Looking for 8-letter words containing x? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
Words Found
affixing affluxes
annexing anorexia
anorexic apomixes
apomixis apoplexy
appendix asphyxia
ataraxia ataraxic
aviatrix axillary
axolemma axolotls
axonemes bandeaux
banjaxed battleax
bauxitic biconvex
bisexual bollixed
bollixes boxthorn
brainbox breadbox
broadaxe cachexia
carboxyl cathexis
chapeaux chateaux
checkbox cicatrix
cineplex climaxed
climaxes coexists
coextend commixed
contexts coturnix
coxswain crucifix
cybersex deflexed
dentexes desexing
detoxify detoxing
dextrose dextrous
dioxides doxastic
doxology duplexes
dyslexia dyslexic
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