13-letter words containing christ

Looking for 13-letter words containing christ? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
Words Found
anachronistic archaeologist
archeologists arthroscopies
astrophysical atmospherical
autorickshaws behavioristic
bronchiolitis calligraphist
catastrophism catastrophize
cercopithecus chalicotheres
characterised characterizes
chemisorption chesterfields
chiropractors conductorship
craftsmanship crotchetiness
cruiserweight dictatorships
directorships electrophiles
ethnocentrism ethnohistoric
featherstitch heartsickness
hemichordates heuristically
homoeroticism hydrostatical
ichthyornises ichthyosaurus
inspectorship microhabitats
microswitches nephrectomies
nonhistorical orchestrating
orchestration ornithischian
outstretching patriarchates
preceptorship prophylactics
psychiatrists psychohistory
psychometrics psychotropics
scintigraphic secretaryship
spectatorship stereographic
stoichiometry stratigraphic
stratospheric synchronicity
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