10-letter words containing verb

Looking for 10-letter words containing verb? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
Words Found
abbreviate abortively
aboveboard abrasively
absorptive adverbials
behavioral belvederes
biodiverse boulevards
braaivleis brainwaves
breviaries brevoortia
evaporable favourable
forgivable governable
herbivores improvable
invariable invertible
labiovelar livebearer
observable observably
observance observants
overblouse overbooked
overbought overbridge
overburden overbuying
overdubbed oversubtle
proverbial receivable
reprovable reservable
resolvable reversible
reversibly riverbanks
riverboats semibreves
silverback subserving
subversion subversive
subverting survivable
travelable unbeliever
unobserved unprovable
verbalised verbaliser
verbalisms verbalists
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