What is another word for pirate?

What's another word for pirate? Here's a list of synonyms for this word.
repro, walk off with, descend on, miscolor, overdrawn, misrepresent, tip over, burlesqued, trump up, reprinted, act like, follow example, trashed, ravage, tipped over, go like, do again, reduplicating, spirit away, lean on, give snow job, carrying off, leave in ruins, reenact, knock over, manifolding, reliving, dualize, stats, smuggle, spread it on, lay waste, torpedo, re-present, run with, infract, kidnap, borrow, housebroken, raid, fall upon, mimeograph, restamp, reprint, infringe, shelling, run contraband, throw a curve, march on, remake, body snatch, make one's own, bootlegged, fire on, manifolded, play a role, cover up, incarnated, make twofold, skyjack, carried away, stat, do like, cribbing, steal, playact, stick up, do a takeoff, take possession of, spread on, mimeo, housebreak, creaming, cheese, blow smoke, duplicate, run rum, misreport, dittoed, held for ransom, creamed, take off as, lay hands on, forge, make like, housebreaking, remaking, do a take-off, make replica, covered up, skyjacking, reduplicated, shanghai, take leaf out of book, hold for ransom, reprinting, carry off, sweep away, copy, lean against, reproduce, strafe, blockaded, snake in, glossed over, carry away, stuck up, pirating, lift, put on act, bootlegging, play role, gloss over, mimeographed, run off with, pirated, phony up, leaning on, laying waste, misquote, simulate, relive, covering up, strafing, plagiarize, snowed, make off with, run away with, overdraw, take out of context, reduplicate, bundle off, knocked over, Photostat
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