What is another word for now?

What's another word for now? Here's a list of synonyms for this word.
stylish, present day, in process, funky, hep to, sought-after, timely, spiffy, vogue, immediate, all things considered, dewy, modish, plugged in, redhot, fresh, timeous, current, à la mode, swank, in progress, on front burner, neoteric, in consideration of, twenty-first century, trendy, this season's, latter-day, hair-trigger, hot off the press, nowadays, untrodden, just now, voguish, up-to-date, caught on, in fashion, in the know, in style, modern, a go-go, uptown, new-fashioned, the latest, the rage, run after, all the rage, up to date, everything being equal, in use, faddy, latest word, nontraditional, at this moment, on hand, in good time, contempo, hairtrigger, crowd-pleasing, run of the mill, tony, hip, red hot, at cutting edge, in demand, trig, on to, at present time, as long as, hot off press, up on, synchronic, trendsetting, novel, breaking new ground, going around, in duration, occurring now, dressed to kill, brand new, avant garde, in the news, existent, ultra modern, prevalent, in-thing, towardly, considering, insomuch as, switched on, ultramodern, upscale, all in all, taking place, tuned in, up to the minute, popular, cutting-edge, for the time being, pronto, spick and span, dressed to the teeth, what's happening, today, in favor, last-word, in view of, in, high class, wise to, sought after, with-it, well-received, present-day, fashionable, run-after, in light of, contemporary, common knowledge, just out, faddish, snazzy, far cry, with it, in circulation, even now, up-to-the-minute, in thing, under consideration, well-liked, at once, in on, uncontaminated, ahead of its time, new, forasmuch as, leading-edge, in the mainstream
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